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Rosehill Asset Management believes successful wealth management is similar to growing a successful rose garden. Both require planning, experience, science, patience, attention and a commitment to regular care and attention to achieve glorious blooms and a rewarding harvest.

+ Planning    


    First, visualize your garden...

    Do you desire a walk through your garden or perhaps sitting to enjoy the sights and smells or perhaps a plot for cutting flowers? All of these are achievable, but beginning with the end in mind and utilizing proper planning of the garden helps us to be successful. Success in growing a rose garden is seldom accidental.

    Strategic and advanced planning concepts are similar to envisioning and planning a successful garden when applied in the wealth management process. Prior to any investment decision, strategic planning is necessary.

+ Knowledge and Science    


    Decide what type of roses to plant in your garden.

    Not all roses are the same, so selecting the correct roses initially provides another opportunity to be purposeful in our success. Fertilizer, colors, sizes, soil amendments, heirloom or disease resistant varieties are important considerations. Certain varieties are excluded from your garden for various reasons; they may not be appropriate for the climate and space, or may be too expensive thus limiting variety and perhaps even limiting your ability to enjoy all a rose garden can offer. These elements represent the science of growing roses and are critical choices, and in the hands of an experienced gardener can result in glorious blooms.

    Much like the science and experience of modern portfolio construction, we begin with strategic asset allocation, selecting the right mix of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments, to build the best portfolio for your unique risk-return profile. We focus on selecting the most effective and efficient components when constructing a purposeful investment portfolio.

+ Patience     


    A successful gardener understands the value of starting early and remaining patient. It takes time for plants to grow and develop into a beautiful and healthy rose garden. During different seasons, your plants will rest, grow, and flourish, bearing the blooms of your disciplined and dedicated approach. There will be times of beautiful blooms but also times of pruning and weed pulling. This is all part of the process of growing a healthy and beautiful rose garden.

    Successful investing is no different. There are seasons of growth and decline which are all part of the natural process of wealth building. Patience is needed to stay the course and not react out of fear or greed.

+ Professional Investment Management     


    Commitment to regular care.

    Daily attention and selective removal of undesirable weeds, twigs or branches can have a tremendous positive impact on the overall health and strength of your rose garden. Pruning not only shapes the future growth of the garden, but also increases the yield and quality by promoting healthy growth.

    Active oversight and management of your wealth by occasionally pruning and replacing underperforming assets, using goals based and strategic planning as our guide, will keep us disciplined and patient in the wealth management process. Obvious actions, like rebalancing to achieve a proper “asset class diversification” is maintenance that most would see as routine, however, the work of an experienced wealth manager does not end with routine rebalancing. At Rosehill Asset Management, we are committed to look beyond the obvious in the care and maintenance of your wealth. This commitment to regular care by a professional can promote “healthy” growth over time.

+ Protecting Our Roses    


    Protecting our roses, year around, from pests, disease and inclement weather is critical for them to flourish. An experienced gardener understands these challenges and can react quickly to address risks that if not minded, can devastate your garden. Some challenges can occur slowly and steadily overtime. Others like disease can devastate your garden in only a few days. This could have been avoided with the watchful eye and appropriate action of an experienced gardener.

    The same is true in wealth management. We understand the risks to your wealth and the methods used for protection. Whether the risks are systemic or individual, chances are we are familiar and know what action to take. Rising interest rates, inflation and taxes are a few of many threats we work to keep at bay.

+ The Harvest    


    A glorious bloom!

    Even though it is time to enjoy your beautiful fragrant blooms, our gardening responsibilities remain and smart decisions must be made. When should we cut the flowers? What is the best way to trim a blossom? Who will manage my garden while I enjoy the roses and how do I protect this precious garden so the next generation can enjoy the rewards? Remember, perhaps the most famous rose garden, the White House rose garden began humbly with the then First Lady, Ellen Wilson, planted a few roses adjoining the Colonnade. Decades later, the garden was redesigned by the Kennedys to serve as the reception area it remains today; a true legacy. We desire the same for you and employ multi-generational planning to assist in building such a legacy.

    A successful and experienced gardener understands the value of starting early and remaining patient. It takes time for plants to grow and develop into a beautiful and healthy garden. It takes special care and attention for the garden to flourish. During different seasons, your plants will rest, grow, and flourish, bearing the fruits of your disciplined and dedicated approach.

    As you apply these simple, yet powerful gardening concepts to your investing approach, a strong foundation for your wealth legacy will emerge. Our goal is to employ a wealth management process that maximizes the lifetime of your assets and creates a meaningful legacy for your loved ones.