Our Approach

Fiduciary Relationship

We provide a Fiduciary relationship which is of primary importance. A fiduciary is held to a higher standard of client care compared to a "broker". Having a Fiduciary as an advisor establishes a "client first" relationship compared to a non-fiduciary who is not required to place his clients interest before his own. 

Long-Term Planning

We are committed to establishing a wealth management plan that spans well beyond the needs of today, and addresses the needs of multiple generations of your family to come. We provide quarterly meetings to review our performance and review areas of cash flow, taxes, liquidity and estate planning.

Portfolio Management

Investments can be confusing that is why we provide professional discretionary portfolio management. With 30 years experience, we will select and actively manage your investments for you using our Tactical Portfolio Management approach. Each quarter we provide a personal performance report showing bottom line performance of your account.

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting is at the very heart of what we do. We take great pride in providing top tier performance reporting technology offered by Orion Advisor Solutions accessible anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection. Rosehill Asset Management is committed to providing a face to face performance report during our quarterly wealth management updates.

Online Account Access

We provide an extra layer of protection by having TD Ameritrade serve as custodian of your account. As a TD Ameritrade client, you will have online access to your account anytime, anywhere the internet is accessible.