Planning Services

+ Pre-Retirement Planning (Pre-Retirement)    


    Retirement Income Forecasting

    • Social security optimization
    • Pension analysis
    • Severance package / Non-qualified plan analysis

    Employee Benefit Plan (401k) Analysis and Optimization

    • Contribution amount analysis
    • Employer contribution and vesting analysis

    Tax Sensitivity Analysis

    • Minimize tax on investments (Low turnover, long term gains and qualified dividends)
    • Maximize deductions
    • Provide “proper investment placement” recommendations
    • Team with CPA to optimize taxation

    Asset Protection Analysis

    • Income replacement
    • Property protection
    • Liability protection

+ Retirement Income Plan Implementation (At or Post Retirement)    

    • Determine income needed in today’s dollars
    • Determine sources of income and amounts
    • Analyze distribution options for pensions
    • Calculate retirement plan benefits, including Social Security
    • Calculate IRS required minimum distributions and educate on regulations
    • Educate on how the timing of retirement will affect your retirement lifestyle
    • Provide Social Security analysis and optimization
    • Provide stress test analysis of income portfolio
    • Provide a strategy for inflation adjusted “sustainable Income” during retirement
    • Update financial projections to monitor the effect of stock and bond markets, changes in cash flow needs, risk tolerance and other variables

Advanced Planning Services

+ Estate and Legacy Planning    

    • Advise on the implementation and proper use of estate planning tools: wills, trusts or powers-of- attorney
    • Review asset protection strategies
    • Review/ Advise on medical powers, HIPPA and power of attorney
    • Referral to attorney's for document drafting
    • Assist estate planning attorney with financial planning data
    • Annual Will and Trust review/update
    • Provide education and guidance on charitable giving alternative

Investment Management Services

+ Discretionary Investment Management Planning    

    • Macroeconomic Analysis
    • Microeconomic Analysis
    • Sector Strength / Weakness Analysis
    • Investment component evaluation and selection
    • Tracking accuracy, Expense ratio, and performance to benchmark analysis
    • Constant performance monitoring to portfolio benchmarks
    • Tax efficiency analysis (low turnover, long term gains and qualified dividends)
    • Replacement/Reallocation and rebalancing as needed
    • Quarterly net performance reporting

+ Investment Management “Assets Held Away”    

    • Align assets with your investment strategy
    • Quarterly evaluation of all assets and options
      • Asset classification and allocation
      • Performance relative to goals, peers and benchmarks
      • Internal expense ratio evaluation
      • Tax efficiency analysis
    • Quarterly asset allocation adjustments
    • Quarterly Progress Review